You came into this world when I was six years old. I can still remember that day at Grandpa and Grandma's house waiting to get the news, I was so mad when I got the call and Dad said, "It's a boy"! I kept telling Grandpa and Grandma "I don't believe you because he is suppose to be a girl. I already have two brother's and that's enough boys, All it took was one time to hold you in my arms and I was no longer upset. In fact I kind of liked the idea of having my own real life baby doll, it was great! I got to feed you, change you, cuddle you and teach you all about your new world, Best of all I got to love you. Mom took all the time she needed to teach us all how to treat you with gentleness and protection, As you grew we all spoiled you because you were our Johnboy, I was there for you in everything; Your first steps, watching you ride your bike and pretending you were Evil Knievel jumping ramps, taking you to the bus stop at Grandma's house, making sure you did what you were suppose to do and; you would always listen to me, we knew how to talk it out and understand. You were Kid Howell #1 you would go All The Way! That's what you said and I believed it! When I moved to Little Rock you were twelve years old. You used to write me letters telling me I better come home soon and I always did, With each visit you were growing, having fun at school and with friends playing all your sports, mowing yards, hauling hay, cutting wood and working at the grocery store. You were never afraid of hard work and always took the challenge! Then I couldn't believe it you were graduating, I couldn't be that old! You had become a young man and I admired you so, You had  many plans for the future, You accomplished one great challenge after the other, I was so proud of you and I wanted everyone to know you were my brother! We talked everyday and one day you ask me what I thought about you moving back to Piggott and opening your practice here, I said that it would be great and we will all be together, Then you honored me by asking me to work for you and the timing was perfect, I was so excited! It all just came together with your hard work and your dreams were coming true, Once again I was taking care of you in every way. Your dreams were my dreams too! It was tough at times but things were all coming together, Everyone would ask me " How can you and your brother work so well together?" and I would say " We just understand each other," There were times you would come to me and you didn't say a word but I knew what you needed and I would give it to you. We would talk most every night on the phone like we didn't get enough of each other all day, Mom made a comment to me recently when she heard us talking one night, she said how can you two have so much to say to each other? My reply was Mom He is not just my brother- His my Best Friend! John, I love you and miss you painfully with all my heart, some of your last words to me were " Sis, it's all going to be ok!" I just wish I could hold you in my arms one more time and tell you " John it's all going to be ok!" Just one more time to laugh at night like we did when we were all little and we would all say together "Goodnight Johnboy!"   


I Love You




Through the grace of God we were given 30 years with John and I thank you Lord for that blessing. My prayer for each person that knew my brother is very simple--

Be kind to each other!