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Welcome to Breckbill Bible College.

Breckbill Bible College Seeks to train leaders in Pastoral Ministries, Christian Education, and Missions. The rise of liberal theology taught from the standpoint of evolution, underscores the need of a truly biblical education. The objective of the College is to train young people to understand biblical Christianity and to equip them doctrinally and theologically to meet the demands of this generation.

Students attending Breckbill Bible College see evidence of our resolve to remain true to Historic Christianity while upgrading our curriculum. Breckbill Bible College is attempting by the help of God to provide able and scholarly professors so that students will be grounded in the Truth of God's Word.

We are trusting the Lord to send us serious minded students to become part of our growing campus. We welcome students from all Congregations which fellowship around the Fundamentals of the Historic Christian Faith.
Dr. Ronald Cooke
Academic President